Beyond #SocialMedia Policy…The “Mom” Standard

This morning I read the story on where an ER nurse was fired after reposting an image of the aftermath of an ER room — not for violating policy but for being “insensitive.” Even the best of social media policies has grey or “interpretive” areas.  So how do you offer pre-posting guidance to your employees? One easy rule of thumb is to use the “Mom” standard.  Even if your own mother wasn’t on the cover of a parenting magazine, you understand the simple to Continue reading →

Do It Right or Do Damage Control

We’ve all heard the old query – “If a tree falls in a forest with no one around, does it still make a sound?” Today, it could be: “If you push messaging on a channel few use, does it reach the intended audience?” The answer, of course, is no. The quandary is that there are so many communications channels. How do you chose the ones that will reach your audience, especially in a crisis when communication is critical? First, you have to know who your audiences Continue reading →

Planning for Life’s Little Emergencies

Crisis communications are not just for catastrophic events. The techniques used by crisis communicators help manage small events and can minimize them and their impact. In a story coming from Las Vegas, during a soft lockdown due to a suspicious person reported on or near the Ruth Fyfe Elementary School campus on May 14, a young girl was required to relieve herself in a classroom wastebasket. Naturally, she was embarrassed and her mother was incensed. Unfortunately, the Clark County School District responded to the situation Continue reading →