Crisis management by Lisa Matheson Crisis Whisperer Do you know where your organization is vulnerable and how to mitigate those risks?

Crisis Whisperer can help identify and mitigate risks, develop a crisis management strategy, policy and procedures, and build and test business continuity / continuity of operations plans. The planning framework we follow:

  • Current state assessment
  • Results analysis
  • Develop and document strategy
  • Develop implementation plan, including evaluation and testing activities

Through our partnership with Nusura, Crisis Whisperer offers SimulationDeck, an HSEEP compliant COOP/BCP exercise, planning and training tool. From the SimulationDeck website:

“By simulating the pressures created by the media and social media today, SimulationDeck makes any training or exercise more realistic, more engaging and more effective. SimulationDeck is a breakthrough application that helps us prepare in the way we must perform.”

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