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Spokesperson Training is Critical for Successful Crisis Communications

Nothing makes a crisis situation go from bad to worse than a spokesperson doing a poor interview with the media. The Superintendent of Riverdale Local Schools in Hancock, Ohio, was interviewed by the local media after a teacher was caught on video manhandling a six year old boy in the hallway that has since gone viral. His interview is an example of how small gaffes can diminish a spokesperson’s credibility and authority–even if the management steps to address the crisis were handled properly. Watch the interview On Continue reading →

10 Crisis Lessons from the Movie “Gravity”

The movie “Gravity” is pretty much a 90-minute PSA for crisis preparedness.  While few of us will ever be faced with such an extreme environment, it’s always a good idea to plan for the worst case scenario. Ten Crisis Preparedness Lessons Understand your working environment Have a contingency plan Have a backup to your contingency plan Listen to instructions from the authority(ies) Train Know your equipment Have a lifeline Stay calm Have a fire extinguisher Never give up